UFC 200 Preview | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 298

UFC 200 Preview

UFC 200 Promos [1:12]
UFC 200 entire card [2:14]
Buffer 720? [3:56]
Cain Velasquez vs Travis Browne [5:17]
Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt [11:25]
Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 2 [17:48]
UFC 200 PPV Buy Rate [25:29]
Ariel Helwani tweeted this idea for UFC 200. He said “Doubt it’s happen but wouldn’t this make 200 a little more special: Gooden and Hardy call the Fight Pass fights, Anik, Stann, and Florian call the FOX Sports 1 fights, and Goldberg and Rogan call the PPV. What do you think about this? [26:15]
Brock Lesnar and WWE rumors [27:44]
Gabi Garcia striking training [30:43]
Brock Lesnar vs Gabi Garcia [31:54]
BJ Penn gets a 6 month suspension for using an IV [32:46]
Rampage claims he has a under active Thyroid causing his weight gain. Do you believe him? Should he stay at Heavyweight or go back to 205? [34:45]

What 2 fighters at Light Heavyweight can you combine to make the ultimate fighter that could be the champion – Jon Jones? [36:18]

Who was the most boring champ in UFC history? [37:57]

What was the most depressing fight you ever watched? [40:46]

What was the most satisfying fight you ever watched? [42:36]

If Daniel Cormier Knocks Out Jon Jones in Round 1 would that be a bigger upset then Michael Bisping Knocking out Luke Rockhold? [45:23]

What’s been your favorite season of TUF? [46:21]

What’s your favorite fight card? [47:49]

If Brock beats Hunt, will Dana do everything in his power to get Brock out of his WWE contract and try for 1 last UFC run? [48:43]

if Matt and Ingo did lip sync battle, what is 1 song you think you can lip sync well to? [50:10]

Would you rather be kidnapped by terrorists OR abducted by aliens? [51:30]Would you rather control Earth OR control Air? [51:45]

Would you rather stop cancer Or world hunger? [51:58]

Eat seeds on a subway in China and get skull fucked by the Imperial Train Police [52:24]

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