UFC 200 Aftermath | UFC Sale | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 300

Pokemon Go [2:12]
Complete Krav Maga 2nd Edition Review [3:50]
Bellator 158 MVP vs Cyborg [7:10]
UFC gets sold [10:45]
Is Dana White’s salary fair? [11:28]
Did the Fertittas sell the UFC at the right time? [13:33]
If you were the new owner of the UFC what would be the first thing you would change? [14:38]
Brock Lesnar’s potential drug test violation [18:22]
Why does Jon Jones get pulled from his fight and not Brock Lesnar? [19:38]
Who gets the money a fighter is fined for a drug test failure? [20:52]
Mark Hunt wants to get paid [22:09]
Does the UFC open itself up to a lawsuit by having all this USADA drug testing? [22:28]
Paul Harris is jacked [27:45]
TJ Dillashaw thinks the UFC is treating the fighters like employees without benefits [29:40]
Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva situation [30:26]
Rizin open weight tournament featursing Cro Cop and Wanderlei Silva [31:58]

Would you rather strike with Dan Henderson or grapple with Paul Harris? [33:01]

Do you think Miesha Tate will ever be champion again? [33:11]

Who gets the next title shot in the following divisions: straw-weight, bantamweight, lightweight? [34:00]

And who do you think is the more problematic fight for Wonderboy, Lawler or Woodley? [34:26]

Should knees to the head be banned after what happened to Cyborg in Bellator? [35:14]

Do you think 200 was as good as 100? [35:34]

Do you think Michael Page Should face disciplinary action for his (admittedly awesome) celebration with the pokeball? Throwing an object at a still downed opponent seems like it shouldn’t be encouraged in a sport. Even though it was harmless and had no real bad intent attached to it. [36:53]

And what do you think the next wave of MMA fighters will be like? We had GSP kind of come in and be great at everything and lay that blueprint for everyone. Lately it seems like purist martial artists have been able to come in and have a significant advantage already in one area (Holm, Wonderboy) and build up other areas as they go. Any thoughts on that? [37:49]

Anderson Silva wasn’t won a fight since 2012 verses Stephen Boner. Do you think he should keep fighting big money fights or should he retire and ride off into the sunset? [39:35]

Top of your head pick 5 fights for ufc 300? [40:40]

Would you rather fuck both Sansa and Margery at the same time or get anal from Daenerys? [42:16]

Would you rather get a blowjob form Cat Zingano or from Gina Carano? [42:33]

Also if you could choose any 2 UFC Bantamweights to have threesome who you would chose? (Cyborg and Gina Carano don’t count Matt and Ingo) [42:40]

Poop [44:18]

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