UFC 197 Recap | Bellator 153 Recap | Conor McGregor and UFC 200 | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 288

UFC 197 Recap
Yair Rodriguez [3:22]
Edson Barbosa vs Anthony Pettis [4:10]
Demetrious Johnson vs Henry Cejudo [9:00]
Jon Jones vs OSP [14:00]
Post FOX Ariel Helwani [20:25]
UFC 197 Buy Rate [21:35]
Belator 153 Recap [22:48]
Benson Henderson vs Andrey Koreshkov [23:17]
Conor McGregor [26:03]
Fedor vs Fabio Maldanado [38:07]
Chris Lytle vs Wanderlei Silva [38:59]
USADA Random Drug Testing Watch [39:55]


How the fuck did rumble cut to 170 and if a fighter misses a weight cut should he or she be made to have there next fight at a heavier weight class? [40:25]

How sure is Dana that McGregor isn’t going to fight at UFC 200? [41:26]

How many push-ups can Chuck Norris do? [41:48]

Who are the 2 most creative UFC fighters? Will they ever fight each other? [42:10]

Joe Rogan complained on JRE about FOX spray painting over blood. Do you think the UFC will ever green screen the octagon? [42:51]

Don’t we all know that Nate wins again against Conor period? Is all this bullshit, pointless games? [44:11]

How much does the UFC pay THE WHO for each time they play Baba O’Riley? [44:25]

Can either of you guys successfully do that goofy “Werdum face”?

Which Blackhawk could you see in the UFC & which UFC fighter on the Blackhawks? (after Cyborg of course) [45:04]

Would you rather find your soul mate and have all your friends hate him OR stay single for the rest of your life with loving friends? [46:26]

Would you rather be unemployed with $1,000,000 OR in a very happy job that make $1,000,000 every five years? [47:05]

Would you rather listen to baby by Justin Bieber for an 1 hour OR listen to Gangnam Style by PSY for 1 hour? [48:07]

Would you rather drink a milkshake OR a smoothie? [48:19]

Would you rather sleep with Paige VanZant or Rose Namajunas? (you must choose one) [48:30]

Game of Thrones [49:30]

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