UFC 194 Recap | Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo | MMANUTS | EP # 271

UFC 194 Recap
1) UFC 194 PPV on Xbox One [1:06]
2) Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo [5:00]
3) Luke Rockhold vs Chris Weidman [18:41]
4) Jacare vs Yoel Romero [22:23]
5) Fence Grabbing – either allow it, take a point away or fine them 10% [22:31]
6) Demian Maia vs Gunnar Nelson [24:30]
7) What makes a 10-8 Round [25:01]
8) What did you think of Joe Rogan’s post fight interview with Demian Maia [26:14]
9) How many different champions do we have now compared to the past 2 years [28:20]
10) Ryan Hall [30:20]
11) Weird stand ups [30:42]
12) UFC 194 PPV Buy Rate [32:10]
13) Is there animosity between Conor McGregor and the UFC Brass? [33:30]
14) Will the champions lose in the next 6 months [34:52]

Donald Cerrone vs Rafael dos Anjos [35:51]
Alistair Overeem vs Junior Dos Santos [36:09]
Nate Diaz vs Michael Johnson [36:19]

1) ONE FC Fighter dies cutting weight [36:57]
2) Jon Jones looking large [39:15]
3) Ronda Rousey looking thick [40:03]
4) Ronda Rousey says she’s done fighting if she loses to Holly Holm again [41:14]
5) Are people failing USADA drug tests and we are not being notified about it? [43:12]

1) If Ronda gets the rematch after being dominated, surely Aldo will get one. I for one can wait for the Edgar match his style is annoying as shit. What do you guys think if McGregor moves up weight? Will he be out of his depth with the taller guys? [45:44]

2) What’s next for Rockhold? Immediate rematch or Vitor in Brazil? [46:47]

3) How does it feel as a Aldo fan that he broke before the fight and the 1 punch k.o. Was the cherry on the pie! Hahaha [46:58]

4) For Ingo: What’s the meaning of life? Could you elaborate please. [47:37]

5) For Matt: Why is Dana White an asshole? Could you elaborate please. [48:15]

6) Upon replay I think I counted 65 unanswered strikes by Luke at end of the 3rd round. Most ever without a stoppage? [49:25]

7) Should we just drop Sage Northcut on ISIS? His positive energy just might turn ’em from the dark side. [49:50]

Fallout 4 [50:53]