UFC 193 Recap | Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm | MMANUTS | EP # 268

UFC 193 Recap
Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva [1:55]
Joanna vs Valerie [2:15]
Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm [2:56]
What was the PPV Buy Rate for UFC 193? [26:57]

Cro Cop retires then USADA says he failed a drug test [30:00]
Vitor Belfort’s wife claims he has lost millions of dollars from the Reebok deal [34:00]

1) What percentage of ronda tit huggers do you think fall off at this point and do you think Ronda can actually close the gap especially with the movie schedule? [25:26]
2) Cyborg vs Ronda [36:30]
3) How many useless Ronda headlines are we finally going to be spared, now that she’s been exposed? [36:44]
4) Safe to say Miesha Tate is the 2nd happiest woman in MMA at the moment? [36:58]
5) You think Ronda’s coach is jealous of Travis Browne? [37:26]
6) Is it time for Rhonda to change camps? [37:50]
7) Who hit the better stanky leg, Ronda or Rashad? [37:56]
8) Do you think Brendan Schaub was right when he said Ronda was surrounded by yes men? [38:05]
9) Is this the biggest upset since Serra vs GSP? [38:13]
10) Also do you guys think that Miesha “Bitch” Tate will ever fight for the title again? [39:31]
11) More PPV buys….. UFC 194 or Rousey Vs. Holm 2? [40:05]
12) Chances Ronda quits mma and pursues other things like acting? [41:04]

Floyd Mayweather Video [42:28]

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