Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson 2 | UFC 204 Results | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 311

Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson 2 | UFC 204 Results

UFC 204 [4:41]
Gegard Mousasi vs Vitor Belfort [4:51]
Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson 2 [6:22]
GSP vs Anderson Silva rumors [12:35]
Roy Nelson and the Brazilian Sports Court [15:40]
Eddie Bravo Invitational wants to have palm strikes on the ground [17:42]
Why do people still harass Cris Cyborg about steroids? [22:00]
Conor McGregor and the NSAC [25:20]
Nate Diaz gets a public warning for using a vape pen [31:27]
Tim Kennedy said the cost to perform medicals to fight in New York will cost him anywhere from $5-$10K [33:27]
Do you think female fighters will age the same way some of the men age in the sport? Like how Royce Gracie fought Ken Shamrock last year. Will we see Joanna Vs Rose when they are 50 years old in Bellator? [35:52]

How do you score bisping vs hendo? [36:39]

Do you think hometown advantage helped Bisping with the decision? and who would you like to see him fight next the winner of Rockhold v Jacare or winner of Weidman v Romero? [36:52]

Who do you guy’s think are the most feared Fighters past and present and how would they face up against each other prime vs Prime? [38:18]

Who wins in a straight Jiu Jitsu match Palhares vs Maia? [39:20]

My fellow New Zealander Dan “Hangman” Hooker was fit and ready to step in on short notice to fight Ricardo Lamas, thoughts on the cancelation of the Manila fight night card. [40:14]

Would you rather be gossiped about or never talked about at all? [41:50]

Would you rather have a daughter who’s addicted to drugs/alcohol or have a daughter who’s anorexic? [42:00]

Would you rather have a perfect memory or enhance your appearance tenfold? [42:44]

Would you rather have your naked picture online and never be able to remove it or jump off a bridge and survive but have broken bones and a slow recovery? [43:05]

Valentina Shevchenko belly dancing [44:06]

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