MacDonald vs Daley | CSAC Weight Cutting | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 339

MacDonald vs Daley | CSAC Weight Cutting

Rory MacDonald vs Paul Daley [1:33]
Shane Carwin mad close to 2 million dollars when he fought Brock Lesnar [4:32]
UFC retreat – drunk beer reps, reebok freakout, Cyborg vs Magana [6:41]
Conor McGregor’s side of the contract was signed now they are working on the Mayweather side [9:30]
If the McGregor fights Mayweather, what sponosrs will be on McGregor’s shorts? [12:25]
Reebok ReRomp [13:50]
CSAC has new weight cut regulations starting at UFC 214 [14:57]
Mighty Mouse interview about Ronda Rousey [20:36]
Tyron Woodley showing some more personality [23:17]
NBA jersey deal is in the $10-$17 million range. How much is the UFC paying out the Reebok money to it’s fighters? [29:50]

Which fighter would be the most successful without their corner during a fight? [32:10]

Can you each rank your top 3 least favorite fighters of all time? [34:17]

Rank your top 3 favorite fighters of all time. [36:10]

Anderson Silva threatened to retire and got almost no response is it because most fans think he should call it a career? [37:13]

Do you also find Jon Anik’s voice annoying or is it just me? [38:25]

Buy or Sell: The Better PPV Main Card UFC 202 or UFC 189? [39:09]

UFC 202 had Conor v Nate 2, Rumble killing Glover, Cerrone vs Story, Mike Perry making his debut and KO’ing Gyu Lim.

UFC 189 had Conor vs Mendes, Lawler vs MacDonald, Jeremy Stephens fadeaway flying knee to Bermudez, Thomas Almeida’s nasty flying knee on Pickett. 

what say you?

Would you rather travel the world and make your dreams come true or stay at your hometown for the rest of your life with your true love? [41:16]

Would you rather jump of a cliff with bungee or climb it with equipment? [41:52]

Would you rather live with your parents forever or get married to a complete stranger and not be able to get a divorce? [42:27]
F*** Marry Kill “Marvel Movie Franchise”: Black Widow (scarlett johansson), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp) [42:55]