Lawler vs dos Anjos Results and Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 364

Lawler vs dos Anjos Results and Recap

Rafael dos Anjos vs Robbie Lawler [3:21]
Ricardo Lamas vs Josh Emmett [6:25]
Glover Teixiera [8:20]
Werdum fined $600 for boomeranging [10:25]
UFC 219 will be using new gloves with sensors in them [13:35]
John Danaher talks about GSP [16:51]
Michael McDonald says the UFC treats the bonus system like a gun to your head [20:55]
USADA Poll [22:57]
Cris Cyborg vs Ronday Rousey in WWE? [24:11]
Floyd Mayweather thinks he could get a billion dollars for fighting in the UFC [25:29]
Eddie Alvarez claims the most violent title [27:03]
Mark Hunt vs Curtis Blaydes at UFC 221 [27:49]
Chael Soneen looks like he’s back on the gear [28:45]
Machida takes a fight that he didn’t really want to [29:48]
Disney buys FOX for $52.4 billion [31:46]
McGregor wants an MMA fight [32:19]
Rumble looking huge [32:28]

At Heavyweight, who do you think wins the fight against Francis Ngannou?
Jon Jones
Daniel Cormier
Big Nog
Brock Lesnar

What happened to the Ronda Rousey Do nothing bitch campaign? [35:02]

Would you guys agree that GSP bailing from the middleweight division is a good thing? [35:38]

Who is going to win Bellator’s HW tournament? [36:02]

Which UFC division has the most talent and which has the least? [38:10]

Who would win in a fight: The Predator or The Alien? [42:31]

Would you rather the UFC only have heavyweights and you watch only awesome fights from them, but have to be KO from a punch of a prime Mark Hunt once a month or UFC only have flyweights and you watch only boring fights from them but you get to sleep with all the ring girls (as many you want) once a week? [43:00]

Would you rather shove a piece of glass in your dick hole or shove a string of nails in your asshole and them rip them out? [44:16]

F*** Marry Kill “Celebrity Edition 6”: Nina Agdal, Hayden Panettiere, Emily Blunt [44:40]

Hired Gun Documentary [46:00]

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