Josh Barnett and USADA | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 376

Josh Barnett and USADA

Rumors of Anthony Joshua to fight in the UFC for $500 Million [2:22]
Could this move happen in MMA? [6:57]
Pat Miletich on the JRE [7:52]
Boxing vs MMA [10:10]
Francis Ngannou vs Derrick Lewis or Mark Hunt [11:50]
MMA fighter, Drew Chatman, does front flip off of KO’d opponent [12:38]
Ronda Rousey old quote about Cyborg [14:40]
Colby Covington vs RDA for the interim belt [16:06]
Frankie Edgar fighting 7 weeks after being KO’d [16:47]
Josh Barnett gets public reprimand from USADA [17:48]
Gary Tonon wins his MMA Debut [22:44]
Donald Trump tweet [24:15]
Porn Site hosting an MMA Event [25:37]
Who are some fighters that are in the top 5 in their respective divisions that you don’t believe in? [26:55]
5 Words
Has Volkov hit his ceiling with his win over Werdum? Struve beat Stipe, can Volkov do it too considering he seems to be a better striker than Volkov? [30:28]
What do you guys think of this list of nicknames that I created for MMA fighters and employes. How would you rank them?
10- Jose “It Is What It Is” Aldo
9- CM “I Got” Punk
8- Luke “Salt” Rockhold
7- Ryan “Master” Bader
6- Ronda “Snowflake” Rousey
5- Vitor “TRT” Belfort
4- Jon “Hit And Run” Jones
3- Demetrious “I Have No Drawing Power” Johnson
2- Kenny “Copy And Paste” Florian
1- Dana “Reebok” White

Would you rather marry a complete female stranger that you can’t get rid of it Or have sex with the female you hate the most on the world? [32:21]
Would you rather have a magical castle that floats in the sky OR have a magical castle that is underwater? [33:08]
F*** Marry Kill “Celebrity Edition 7”: Katy Perry, Rihanna, Shakira [33:39]
pillow fighting [34:35]
Don’t pick a fight with a guy on a bike when you’re drunk [35:26]

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