Jones vs Gustafsson 2 | UFC 232 Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 411

Jones vs Gustafsson 2 | UFC 232 Recap

#UFC 232 [2:30]
Cat Zingano vs Megan Anderson [7:07]
Ryan Hall vs BJ Penn [7:48]
Michael Chiesa vs Carlos Condit [9:15]
Cris Cyborg vs Amanda Nunes [10:10]
Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson 2 [14:23]
Jon Jones almost sunk the $4 billion deal [17:26]
Brock Lesnar hasn’t paid his NSAC fine [19:11]
Michel Chiesa files lawsuit against Conor McGregor [20:14]
UFC approved supplements [22:20]
PFL tournaments ends [24:55]
Mugger tries to rob female UFC fighter [26:23]
UFC rumors [29:47]
Tony Ferguson training [32:10]
Bad Injury [33:18]
Upcoming fights [33:54]
Which beatdown of the UFC Champ was worse?Brock against CainFranklin against Anderson (first fight)

With Nunes winging, What does this say about all the double champs? Merry Christmas! Who are the 8 MMA fighters pulling Santa Dana’s UFC Sleigh? + which fighter is Rudolph? In other words, who are the most important to moving the UFC forward in 2019?

if Jon Jones has been tested for the last 18 months, how did this tiny tiny residual amount only appear now? Doesn’t make sense

Take the name of each fighter on the main card and insert it into the Jon Jones picogram story. Who else would the ufc move a PPV to Cali for? Not EVERY fighter? Then all PED testing is a scam.

Did you hear this from Bisping? Good point. What is your best guess? On what date will JonnyBones next test positive for a banned substance? Closest guess wins ______?

Forbes wrote a article stating:UFC Needs To End The ‘Champ Champ’ Gimmick Or Allow Fighters To Hold And Defend Two Titles

1) Would you rather become a superhero OR a supervillain?

2) Would you rather inform a room of first grade students that their favorite pets have died tragically OR explain to a room of first grade students how sex works in graphic detail?

3) Buy Or Sell: Which was the better Robbie Lawler match? Robbie Lawler vs Rory MacDonald II at UFC 189 OR Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit at UFC 195?

4) Would you rather as soon as this show ends, found out that government has being spying on you and wants you to become a secret agent like James Bond. You guys would live your lives spying, fighting, shooting, killing and most importantly fucking all hottest women including: Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and others. OR Would you rather soon as this show ends, be send to the universe of The Witcher 3. You guys would have to hunt and fight monsters, use magic, live countless years, but most importantly fucking all the hottest women including Triss Merigold, Yennefer and others?

F*** Marry Kill “Celebrity Edition #27” (Glamour Models #8) Jessica-Jane Clement, Kelly Bell, Kelly Brook

Beer Can Smash
Wrestling finishing move

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