Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith | UFC 235 Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 419

Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith | UFC 235 Recap

UFC 235 Recap [6:43]
Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith [8:59]
Tyron Woodley vs Kamaru Usman [14:04]
Robbie Lawler vs Ben Askren [17:51]
UFC 235 salaries [24:29]
Cro Cop has a stroke and retires [23:30]
Rogan says the UFC wants McGregor vs Cowboy to be a co-main event [26:48]
Belfort signs with ONC FC and wants to fight Roy Jones Jr.[29:47]
CTE or Stupidity [31:38]
Head kick [34:45]
The CrAsian [35:57]
Grandma choking fools out [36:52]
Paige VanZant [38:01]
#AskTheNuts [39:00]
Thinking about it more, Anthony Smith electing to not take the DQ was one of the most honorable things I’ve ever seen this sport. Not sure how many in his spot would have done that, considering the money at stake. And it didn’t seem like he thought twice either. Special guy. What do you think about

It’s Tuesday and according to Tyron is still champ. How lame is that?

Which had more action? Jones vs. Smith or Usman vs. Covington

Finish this sentence. Ben Askren has all the muscle tone of a _____.

Next to Roy Nelson, does Ben Askren have the worst physique in MMA?

If I placed a bet on the -900 underdog Smith to win vs. Jones and he took the DQ, would the house owe
me that money?

I would argue that Herb Dean actually did a good job refereeing the Askren/ Lawler fight by not calling it
after the ground and pound and letting Askren fight through.
What do you think of Askern’s chin and who should his next opponent?

1) What you think of this scenario of things, which I would do if, I (Rodrigo) were the owner of the UFC?
– I would take away any division below 155, because fuck them, they don’t draw!
– I would hire both of you guys as “Assistants VP’s Of Important Matters”. You guys wouldn’t have to do
shit and I would pay which of you 2 million a month.
– I would make CM Punk you guys personal bitch, to do whatever you guys want to him.
– I would bring back PRIDE rules.
– I would make get rid of all skinny ring card girls and hire smoking hot, THICH women! (Pornstars
probably) To be the ring card girls.
– I would create a service that if you guess above 70% on a VIP access, the ring girls would go to your
house and give you “thank you” in the name of the UFC.
– I would implement your guys “Dial a Sub”, where you could call a fighter and send him to submit someone and give the fighter money in the process.
– I would get rid of Reebok. Go back to sponsors.
– Finally, I would get rid of USADA.

2) I want you guys to imagine this scenario. You guys become UFC fighters, Matt you become the Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight and Welterweight Champion. Ingo you become the Lightweight, Featherweight, Bantamweight and Flyweight Champion. Don’t worry, you guys don’t have
to make weight for any of the divisions, because like I said above, I will probably be owner of the UFC.
That being said, which of the feats of winning four different championship in four different weight classes would be considered more incredible: Matt’s or Ingo’s?

3) Know this is a different question. I am looking to spread my music repertoire, so I would like to know
from you guys some artists/bands that you guys recommend. I have a very open taste on music, so let me know from the “Nuts”, what you guys like to listen or have been listening lately?

F***, Marry, Kill Celebrity Edition #35; (Female Wrestlers #15): Mandy Rose, Sasha Banks and Zelina Vega.


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