Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey, Sage Northcutt, Urjiah Faber and more | MMANUTS | EP # 264

1) Urijah Faber Shit Story 1:55
2) TJ Dillashaw joins Elevation Fight Team. Will he fight Faber? 4:10
3) Mayhem Miller arrested again 7:24
4) Nick Diaz’s White House Petition gets over 113K Signatures 10:10
5) Is GSP coming back? 12:09
6) Sage Northcutt is training at TriStar 12:27
7) Ronda Rousey’s Mom is Not a fan of her head coach 14:42
8) Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne are dating and why should I care? 18:11
9) Leg Reach is s stat being tracked by the UFC now 20:43
10) The horrible UFC/Reebok Commercial 21:50
11) New MMA Committee formed to look at MMA Rules 23:50
12) Rumor – Jon Jones moving up to Heavyweight 26:36
13) Jon Jon the P4P Best Community Servicer 28:40
14) Rumor – The UFC is cutting 50 fighters. Is the fly weight division going away? 29:58
15) USADA – How many random drug tests have they performed and who has been tested the most? 32:36
16) Rampage on Twitch 34:24

1) Do you think there should be a UFC vs Bellator championship? Champs vs Champs. 37:00

2) Do you think Mcgregor should go to 155 after he fights Aldo or should he stay at 145 and fight Edgar? 38:12

3) Not to help promote other shows/podcasts, but what are some of your favorite MMA related podcasts to listen to? 39:01

Shows to watch – Walking Dead, Rock Icon 42:50

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