Iaquinta vs Lee 2 Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 410

Iaquinta vs Lee 2 Recap

#Bellator Hawaii [2:30]
#UFC Al Iaquinta vs Kevin Lee 2 [7:06]
Edson Barboza vs Dan Hooker [8:42]
Charles Oliveria vs Jim Miller [9:05]
Invicta Megan Anderson [12:57]
Anderson Silva [16:04]
UFC 232 [17:45]
Gegard Mousassi out of fight with injury [21:49]
Vitor Belfort [22:34]
Goldenboy MMA[24:16]
Should breast size be factored into MMA weight classes? [27:56]
Jon Jones gets his fighting license [31:34]
Dominic Cruz injured and out for a year [34:25]
Daniel Cormier is fighter of the year according to ESPN [35:19]
Kangaroo Boxing [37:53]
UFC 3 KO [40:44]
Cain Velasquez vs Francis Ngannou [41:18]
Blackhawk’s mascot gets into fight [41:58]
Brock Lesnar’s drug test goes missing [42:56]
UFC Last Supper [44:25]

#AskTheNuts [46:00]

Who is the saltiest fighter in MMA?

What’s your early prediction for Jones vs Gus 2?

I know nothing about ESPN+, can you explain it?

Which fight is fight of the year?

1) I keep trying to figure out what type of man Tony Ferguson is. What do you guys think? I appreciate the thumbs up, middle, down response.
– Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to buy the houses Al Iaquinta sells.
- Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to negotiate a worse contract for himself just to prove its not about the money.
- Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to eat pizza starting from the crust.
- Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to give himself a blow job.
- Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to not wear shades outside cuz he doesn’t wanna let the sun win.
- Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to make a thousand youtube accounts to start a meme about him.

2) Would you rather train with Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid) or Would you rather train with Yoda (Star Wars)?

3) Buy or Sell. The way this works is that I ask you guys to choose between two things (it can be anything), you guys choose which one you “Buy” (prefer) and which you guys “Sell” (decline). The first Buy or Sell is which is the best gangster movie: Scarface or Godfather #1? Which you Buy and which you Sell?

4) It’s been awhile since we done one of this, so it’s back. One will spend the night with you and have the greatest sex of your life with, One will fight you and give you a beating of your life time and the One will put you on the friendzone and forever will be your friend. Choose from this optinons (Cat Zingano, Cris Cyborg, Mackenzie Dern)?

F*** Marry Kill “Celebrity Edition #26” (Glamour Models #7) Joanna Krupa, Louise Glover, Madison Welch

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