Holloway vs Ortega | UFC 231 Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 409

Holloway vs Ortega | UFC 231 Recap

Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega [5:09]
Valentina Schevchenko vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk [12:25]
Gunnar Nelson vs Cowboy Oliveria [14:27]
Jessica Eye comments on Joe Rogan [15:25]
Khabib gets his hearing postponed [16:17]
John Kavanagh needs to be convinced to work with Conor McGregor again [18:24]
Herb Dean the ref for Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustaffson 2 [21:18]
LFA fight where ref let’s it go too long [22:50]
Comedian deals with heckler [27:56]
Snoop Dogg hitting pads [30:49]
Tweet of the Week [36:19]
What does this cryptic video that the ufc posted mean?

Based on their skills and size, can you match up some #ChicagoBears with similar MMA fighters. 
Which Bear is most like Jon Jones, Brock, Mighty Mouse etc

1) Would you rather bust some ghosts with the Ghostbusters OR Would you rather go on a excellent adventure with Bill and Ted?

2) Would you rather time travel with Doc from “Back From The Future” OR Would you rather go fight crime with Batman?

3) Would you rather as soon as this show ends, found out that a nuclear blast happened, destroyed 50% of the world population and as soon as you guys get out of the house, you find: BJ Penn, Demian Maia, Mark Hunt, Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz and Rich Franklin with weapons and armor telling you guys to “suit up”. You guys would live your lives hunting, fighting, shooting, killing and most importantly fucking all of what’s left of the world women capable of breeding including: Cat Zingano, Cris Cyborg, Gina Carano, Mackenzie Dern, Michelle Waterson, Paige VanZant and others. OR Would you rather soon as this show ends, be send to the universe of Game of Thrones and as soon as you guys wake up, you find: Jon Snow, Tyrion Lanniester, Sir Davos Seaworth, Sandor “The Hound” Glegane, Jaime Lannister and Theon Greyjoy with weapons and armor telling you guys to “suit up”. You guys would have to fight the white walkers, ride dragons, be able to bang all the hottest women in Westeros including: Daenereys Targaren, Sansa Stark, Margery Tyrell, Ygritte (The Wildling), Shae and others?

F*** Marry Kill “Celebrity Edition #25” (Glamour Models #6) Alessandra Ambrosio (Brazil), Dani Thompson (Australia), Janine Habeck (Germany)

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