GSP Free Agent | Jon Jones USADA | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 313

GSP Free Agent | Jon Jones USADA

GSP a Free Agent [00:56]
Daniel Cormier is going to lose money since GSP is not on his card [5:40]
UFC lays off 15% of their staff [7:29]
Are the new owners trying to run the company into the ground so the Fertitas can come back in and buy it cheap? [10:50]
What does the sport look like in the next 6 months? [12:50]
Ronda Rousey coming back to fight at UFC 207 [15:47]
Jon Jones supplements were tainted [17:42]
Will the new owners keep USADA? [20:45]
Why are the Heavyweights not a draw? [21:36]
Pat Lundvall is leaving the NSAC at the end of the month [23:22]
Jordan Parsons had CTE. What does this mean for all fighters? [28:06]
Conor McGregor is claiming he will give up one of his belts if he wins at UFC 205 [35:46]
Jose Aldo in a better mood after meeting with the UFC [36:46]
Shane Carwin to Rizin to fight Fedor [38:16]
Gegard Mousasi vs Uriah Hall 2 [39:12]
Johny Hendricks claims he’s going to stop fighting if he loses to Neil Magny [39:20]
Dan Henderson’s retirement celebration [40:41]

What single rule has the biggest effect? [41:18]

If your goal was to dissuade someone from becoming an MMA fan, which fights would you have them watch? [42:07]

What if the UFC did Michael Bisping vs Nick Diaz next? [43:36]

The Jesus @ultrarunner5210 on twitter asks:

What disgruntled UFC fighter has the most legit beef; GSP, Aldo, Cyborg, or Khabib? [44:08]

Gregory LaFountain asks:

This season of TUF has been pretty entertaining. Nothing but finishes so far. I don’t believe either one of you are watching the show. Is there anything TUF can do to get you two watching it again and what was the last season you two watched completely? [44:47]

Zeke Schwab asks:

Lets say JBJ gets exonerated on Halloween. Does the UFC wait on a rematch with Cormier, or do they give him a non-title warmup match? [46:09]

Kyle Schneider asks:

Diaz vs. Lawler 2. Ponder me the chance of pro vs con on this happening. [46:42]

Mike Smith Rivera asks:

Who is the better Martial Artist Damian Maia or Jake Shields? [47:39]

Mike Smith Rivera asks:

Would you rather get hit with a Prime H-Bomb or a Prime Mirko Headkick? [49:51]

How many Ronda Rousey’s would it take to beat Jon Jones? [50:22]

How many Cris Cyborg’s would it take to beat Jon Jones? [50:41]

Rodrigo Machado asks:
Its back!!! #Nutsrule #MattRapeTrain #IngoSugarDaddy
Ingo. I want you to close your eyes and imagine this scenario. You are walking down the street down of your house chilling when all the sudden appears Nick and Nate Diaz and they look at you and say “209 Motherfucker” and they give you weed. You get very high and continue to walk down the street until Cat Zingano jumps you from behind and whispers to your ear “TIME TO FUCK” she throws you to your room, covered herself in baby oil and jumps in top of you and mounts you in cowgirl position and starts to fuck you. Right in the corner is Matt, Comprido and Brock Lesnar watching everything. After fucking you, appears Gina Carano with a huge black strapon and she starts fucking you in the ass. My Question is: How long would you last with Cat? Where would you cum on here? How long would you last with Gina and finally to Matt what the fuck would you say while watching all this happen? [51:01]

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