GGG vs Canelo | Rockhold vs Branch Results and Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 352

GGG vs Canelo | Rockhold vs Branch Results and Recap

Canelo Alvarez vs GGG [1:16]
Luke Rockhold vs David Branch [9:28]
Hector Lombard [12:12]
Mike Perry [12:27]
Jon Jones B Sample tests positive for T-Bol [13:17]
What is it going to take to get rid of USADA? [18:09]
Are the fans going to accept DC as the legitimate champion? [19:42]
Mark Hunt having some CTE type issues [21:48]
Mighty Mouse doesn’t fight at UFC 215 because Ray Borg pulling out of the fight [28:36]
Shogun out Okami in [30:07]
UFC 217 getting stacked
Bellator 183 giving away Fedor bobbleheads to the first 5,000 fans

Is there any other fighter in MMA that could go 10 rounds with Mayweather?

Who’s had the best career? GSP, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Mighty Mouse or BJ Penn?

Who is a fighter that you hate, but have no reason why?

Would you rather have taste buds on your butthole or poop through your mouth?

Would you rather Watch your parents have sex every day for the rest of your life or join in once to stop it?

Would you rather only be able to listen to Nickelback songs or reread all 56 pages of iTunes’ terms and conditions, every day for the rest ofyour life?

F*** Marry Kill “Critical Role D&D Edition”: Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey or Marisha Ray?


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