Fedor vs Sonnen | Bellator 207 and 208 Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 402

Fedor vs Sonnen | Bellator 207 and 208 Recap

Matt Mitrione vs Ryan Bader [1:29]
Sergei Kharitonov vs Roy Nelson [4:28]
Fedor vs Chael Sonnen #Bellator [5:09]
Khabib vs Conor McGregor after thoughts [10:17]
Conor McGregor at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium [24:08]
Chuck vs Tito PPV card announced [32:57]
Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustaffson 2 [35:11]
Deontay Wilder punches mascot [37:31]
What would amount would you need for a bare knuckle boxing match [40:00]
Would you rather have Conor’s career or Fedor’s career and why?
If Fedor and Brock fought now, who would win?
The quick booking of Cormier-Lewis at UFC 230 is only the latest example of a pattern of desperate matchmaking that does its fighters, the sport and even its own bottom line no favors. Why are they doing this?
Does a Title have to be on the line for every PPV?
Best hematoma ever?
If GSP has another fight in the UFC, Who should he fight?
If you were living in a post-apocalypse world (similar to Fallout 4) and you were going to start a faction of people to try survived it, who is 10 UFC fighters you guys would choose to help you ? (must be 6 men and 4 women, also they must be current UFC fighters)
Its been a while since we did this, so I going to ask again. Choose one current UFC fighter to go on a 7 fight win streak, one to go on a 5 fight win streak and one to go on a 3 fight win streak? (Bonus Karma points if you can name a man and a women)
If you were forced to have a current UFC fighter as coach and 3 current UFC fighters as training partners, who would you choose? (You are allowed to mix different camps)
F*** Marry Kill “WWE Edition #12”: Cathy Kelley, Charly Caruso, Dasha Fuentes

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