Dustin Poirier vs Michael Johnson | UFC Fight Night 94 Results | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 308

Dustin Poirier vs Michael Johnson | UFC Fight Night 94 Results

UFC Fight Night 94 Results [4:49]
Uriah Hall vs Dereck Brunson [5:58]
Dustin Poirier vs Michael Johnson [7:48]
Are all the fighters trying to go down the WWE route to promote fights? [8:44]
UFC 203 PPV Buy Rate – Personality [10:46]
CM Punk and Celebrity Death Match [13:00]
Keven Iole thinks Bellator signing Chael Sonnen means Bellator isn’t taking drug testing serious [16:56]
Did you ever think you’d see Chael Sonnen in Bellator? [23:27]
Joe Warren had no sponsors for his Co-Main Evevnt fight in Bellator. Is this a sign of the times? [25:58]
Conor McGregor in new Call of Duty game [29:08]
Jon Jones interested in a fight with Stipe Miocic at Heavyweight [30:15]
Joe Rogan hints at Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden [33:00]
Luke Rockhold gets his deal restructured [36:20]

Who is the best UFC fighter to never get a belt? [38:52] 

Sonnen, Hardy, and Carwin are coming back to MMA. Doesn’t the UFC? Bellator have any young fighters coming up, why always the has-beens? [40:14]

Is there one fighter fighting today that you wish would retire because it’s becoming too sad at this point watching them fight? [41:55]

A few months ago I was banned from the use of the radio after streaming your podcast.  Apparently, a co-worker complained about the content of the show. I believe the topic in question was related to, “the therapeutic use of horse semen during anal rape.”  According to my superior, your program doesn’t share the same core values as the company.

Matt – being that you are former management, what can I do to get my privileges back? Also, can I get a shirt for my pain and suffering? [43:12]

Ingo- What the fuck are the Nuts’ core values???

CM Punk (AKA Phil the lousy fighter) gets $500k and Mickey Gall, a BJJ brown belt who beat him gets $30k. Really? This is exactly what is wrong with the UFC. It’s just about the money. This is not even about competition anymore. It’s a stupid show, not a legit fight game. It’s like stupid WWE. It just doesn’t matter who is better at MMA. Remember when Dana White used to say “this sport is all about finding out who is the best fighter in the world”? I remember. Well, Mickey Gall was the best fighter in this match BY FAR. Not even close. We all knew it a year ago. He slaughtered CM Punk, the fake fighting show “wrestler” with the following of idiots who have money. Ariel Helwani loves this crap and I just think it is a disgrace and an obscene way to destroy the credibility of MMA. In what universe is it cool to have the winner make $30k while the fake fighter who got slaughtered in minutes gets $500K? Forget about the PPV draw crap. I’m interested in what is right. This is NOT right. Boxing lost all credibility and went down the crapper. Keep it up Dana and the UFC will do the same. Do you agree? [48:31]

Uriah hall early stoppage or not? [54:52]

Bombings in NY/NJ are they coincidence or connected? [55:00]

Trump or Hillary for president? [56:26]

Fight reaction [1:00:44]

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