Demian Maia vs Carlos Condit | UFC on FOX 21 Results | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 305

Demian Maia vs Carlos Condit | UFC on FOX 21 Results

Diaz brothers [2:15]
Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon [4:58]
Paige VanZant vs Bec Rawlings [8:37]
Anthony Pettis vs Charles Oliveira [11:07]
Demian Maia vs Carlos Condit [15:42]
Rory MacDonald signs with Bellator [25:11]
CM Punk Documentary [28:51]
Does the UFC like that Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are having some of the highest PPV buy rates for their cards even though they are not fighting for a belt? [33:00]
EA UFC 2 Revisited [35:34]
Tweet Of The Week [39:00]
What do you think about Dana White saying he wouldn’t mind seeing Jon Jones vs Anthony Johnson for a title eliminator fight? [40:37]

Who do you think deserves to be the most pissed at the UFC, Jose Aldo, Maia, Rumble if they don’t receive a title shot for their next fight? [41:57]

Have you ever thought of quitting the podcast and do you have a favorite show? [42:15]

Now that the fight is confirmed, does Hendo actually retire after winning the belt? [42:45]
Cowboy stepped up to challenge Robbie Lawler at UFC 205 who takes that fight? [43:11]

And lastly fantasy match making who wins Maia vs Tim Kennedy at 185? NOTE: Kennedy went to a 5 round decision against Jacare and Luke. [43:39]

If you were going to be a MMA fighter, and you could only choose 2 disciplines, what would you choose? [44:59]

Which Fighter has had the worst year in MMA? Holly Holm, Johny Hendricks, Jon Jones, RDA or Ronda Rousey? [45:16]

Would you rather live with your parents forever or get married to a complete stranger and not be able to get a divorce? [47:38]

Would you rather Know it all (smartest person in the world) or Have it all (richest person in the world)? (Can’t have both Matt, stop cheating) [47:59]

Would you rather be a good at something you hate or bad at something you love? [50:04]

Would you rather be (without any equipment) cross over Niagara falls on a rope any way you want? or swim under 30-meter long rock (only a meter below the surface) [50:41]

HBO’s The Night Of [52:37]

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