Cris Cyborg | Jackson Winklejohn | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 366

Cris Cyborg | Jackson Winklejohn

Robbie Lawler suffers torn ACL and meniscus during his fight with Rafael Dos Anjos [2:35]
Mackenize Dern signs with the UFC [5:35]
Miesha Tate is pregnant [6:15]
UFC 219 payouts [8:00]
Cris Cyborg Jackson Winklejohn [9:28]
Jackson Winklejohn record is not good since 2014 [13:53]
Jimmy Smith was on the Joe Rogan podcast [17:47]
Khabib talking to Dana White during his fight with Barboza [22:22]
UFC 219 PPV Buy rate is in [23:54]
Rumors of Amanda Nunes fighting Cris Cyborg [25:52]
If Stipe beat Ngannou, will he be the heavyweight GOAT? [26:38]

GSP vs Khabib, who wins? [27:32]

Are there any fighters in 2017 that you began hating but changed your mind about over the course of the year? Or Vice versa… did you start off liking someone and now not so much. [28:48]

Who fights more times this year Khabib or Conor? [30:23]

Khabib wants to fight Ferguson and Conor in the same night. Would he win both?

Who will win a fight Game of Thrones Edition 2: Jaime Lannister with his hand, in his prime, with Joffrey Valyrian sword or Jon Snow of season 7, with his experience, with his Valyrian sword?

Would you rather live in a world where magic exists and reached its true potential or in a world where technology reached it’s true potential?

Two of these will protect you and the other will try to kill you. Who will you choose: Thor, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Doctor Strange.

F*** Marry Kill “WWE Edition 8”: Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan
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