Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 | UFC 202 Results | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 304

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2

UFC 202 Results

UFC 202 Pre fight press conference [1:27]
UFC 202 Salaries [5:02]
The Conor McGregor Effect [6:06]
What was the UFC 202 PPV Buy Rate? [6:57]
How much longer does Dana White put up with all the BS? [8:22]
Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 [10:54]
Anthony Johnson vs Glover Teixeira [21:28]
Donald Cerrone vs Rick Story [24:23]
Mike Perry vs Lim [28:38]
Tim Means [29:29]

Professional Fighter’s Association [29:52]
NSAC wants to ban more stuff [35:06]
Nate Diaz is Vaping at the post fight press conference [35:55]
Jon Jones dick pills [37:27]
BJ Penn vs Ricardo Lamas [41:27]
John Kavanagh [44:20]

Most everyone said Diaz vs McGregor 2, was a dog fight/One of the best fight this year, I saw two guys running out of gas in the second round and just throwing sloppy kicks at each other. Was that a good fight if you really think about it? [48:27

Would you rather see Conor vs Nate 3, Conor vs Aldo 2 or Conor vs Alvarez? [49:46]

Brock recently challenged Conor to a fight. How long would Conor last? [50:00]

Anthony Johnson vs Junior Dos Santos at Heavyweight who wins? [51:30]

Have you heard of the UFC Betting Sharks? [52:16]

What do you think about a possible Cerrone Lawler match-up? [52:45]

Does Nate win if Nick is in his corner? Is this a conspiracy? [53:07]

Would you rather end sexism or racism? [54:47]

Would you rather find out your wife is a lesbian or a find out your son is gay? [54:54]

Would you rather be a child sweatshop worker in China or a starving child in Africa? [55:17]

Would you rather be buried alive or burned alive? [57:02]

Not Afraid book review [58:24]

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