Conor McGregor and the NSAC | UFC Anarchy | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 312

Conor McGregor and the NSAC | UFC Anarchy

Shane Carwin KO’s Jason Ellis [3:21]
Mackenzie Dern submission [8:47]
Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunes on December 30th for the title [11:04]
The UFC is on the edge of Anarchy [11:47]
Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones and Nate Diaz granted extensions by the NSAC. Why? [18:37]
Conor McGregor will not fight in Vegas anymore [19:48]
Can McGregor is not going to pay his fine to the NSAC. Will other Athletic Commissions care? [21:06]
Dana White says “What has been done with Ronda that hasn’t been done with Cyborg?’ [23:40]
Jay Glazer urges all MMA gyms and promoters to deny Former NFL Star Greg Hardy the ‘privilege’ of competing in MMA. What do you think about this? [26:40]
Jon Jones grapples fans at NAGA [29:58]
UFC 206 main event is Rumble vs DC [33:48]


If you could change one rule in MMA, what would you change? [36:57]

Atari ET is better than both EA UFC games put together [38:03]

Is Jose Aldo overreacting with his threats to leave the UFC? [39:49]

With the upcoming “middleweight tournament”, which fighter of the 4 will be set back the most with a loss? [40:08]

With Mousasi now being ranked 5 you would assume he fights one of the aforementioned 4 next. Who out of those fighters would be the best matchup for him and who would be the worst? [41:32]

If McGregor loses at UFC 205 what’s next for him? A LW title defense? A FW title defense? Or a WW title shot? [42:46]

If it’s a LW or FW defense, who gets the shot in each division?

Besides Demetrious Johnson who else do you guys predict could get anywhere near Anderson Silva’s title defense record of 10? As no current champion has more than one defense apart from DJ and Joanna. Is the talent level that high now we will no longer see dominant champions and would that be good or bad for the sport/UFC? Keep up the good work guys [43:11]

Better MMA career Carlos Condit or Nick Diaz? 
Both Champs in other organizations, Diaz defended the strikeforce belt 3 times Condit defended the WEC belt 3 times, both insanely exciting fighters. Condit and Diaz fought for the interim UFC title and Condit won. [44:56]

Why are some fans so anti fighter when it comes to their pay and health, and fighting style, shouldn’t we be glad when these guys choose to save their brains so they can still walk when they are 50? [47:40]

How many mighty mouse’s would it take to score a takedown on Brock Lesnar? I’d say 6 or 7 [48:23]

Who’s 145 new champ if McGregor gives it up and aldo walks away? [49:09]

GSP fight kits are on reeboks site for sale. Is this confirmation of his return? [49:55]

Jason Ellis got KO’d by a one armed Shane Carwin. Discuss this please. [50:25]

Diaz and McGregor reportedly made $2 million and $3 million respectively for their bought at UFC 202 before PPV numbers were released. Over/Under 5 UFC fighters making a flat 7-figure amount before PPV buys in 2017?


What’s the difference between a thong and a g-string?

It’s evident Rhonda’s vagina is a career killer. Being that Bryan Caraway is ranked #5 in bantamweight Meisha’s vag is clearly magical. What fighter will chow down on Meisha’s cup cakes next? [53:53]

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