Cejudo vs Dillashaw Recap | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 413

Cejudo vs Dillashaw Recap

ESPN + Review [7:02]
Henry Cejudo vs TJ Dillashaw #UFC [9:49]
Cowboy Cerrone [14:37]
Greg Hardy [16:52]
Paige Van Zant vs Rachel Ostovich [19:49]
Fedor vs Bader [20:40]
Thoughts on the new UFC belt [21:27]
Fabricio Werdum saves a drowning teen [25:37]
NSAC hearing on Tuesday for Conor, Khabib and Jon jones [27:03]
Jon Jones and more picograms [27:30]
Vladamir Matyushenko twitter [28:23]
Mike Tyson on the Joe Rogan podcast [30:02]
Joanna got new boobs [31:24]
Amanda Nunes? [33:20]
Swing and a miss [33:59]
Hellbow [35:34]
Swing and a miss 2 [36:32]
Gabi Garcia got married [37:09]
Gash [37:36]
real ring card girls [38:07]
Tweet of the week [39:20]

#AskTheNuts [42:14]
What the hell was Greg Hardy doing on the main card? Considering the first ESPN broadcast.

If you could set Cowboy Cerrone’s next 3 fights, who would they be with? At what weight?

Of all the douchey things that TJ said after losing his fight with Cejudo, which line was the douchiest?

Wasn’t there a previous time when a corner man “accidentally” broke a big bag of ice in the octagon causing a delay? I seem to remember Rogan objecting (rightfully so). Seems obvious but are there no rules about this?

Did Henry Cejudo save the flyweight division?

In your opinion, what’s the worst thing about being a MMA fan

How sad are you that because of Henry “Henry Cejudo” Cejudo, the 125 division is probably going to stick around longer?

1) Would you rather wrestle a bear OR an alligator?

2) Would you rather forget who you are every time it rains OR never be able to remember why you walked into a room?

3) Would you rather be cheated on (numerous times) and never know, or cheat on someone else and have to tell them?

4) Would you rather have one last day to live with the ability to say goodbye to everyone and not do much else, OR do everything you’ve ever wanted but not have time to say goodbye to anyone?

F*** Marry Kill “Celebrity Edition #29” (Glamour Models #10): Adabel Guerrero, Aria Giovanni, Katie Green


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