Bellator 198 Experience | Fedor vs Mir | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 380

Bellator 198 Experience | Fedor vs Mir

Bellator 198 Contest [1:20]
Dinner with Royce Gracie, Rampage and Mercedes Terrell [2:12]
Royce Gracie [3:45]
Rampage [7:51]
Bellator 198 [12:28]
Fedor vs Frank Mir [18:30]
Chael Sonnen vs Fedor [24:12]
Ronda Rousey breaks her silence [26:07]
Junior Dos Santos is cleared by USADA to fight again [29:44]
Leslie Smith planning to sue the UFC [31:06]
Conor McGregor and the UFC [32:18]
Dustin Poirier vs Eddie Alvarez 2 in the works [33:34]
CamSoda’s bonus system [33:45]
Krazy Horse warming up [34: 59]
Mark Coleman wants to fight Don Frye [36:27]
Worst cut every seen [37:48]

Things said by MMA fighters or coaches – True or False [40:40]
Who should be considered MMA’s Heavyweight GOAT if the sport ended today? [41:37]
Who would’ve won between Jon Jones vs Fedor in his prime in pride? [43:13]
Would you rather have in your corner a high as f*** Quinton “Rampage” Jackson OR a coked Edmond Tarverdyan? [44:35]
Would you rather be filthy rich but have to have lived 200 years in the past (aka 1818) or be poor but be able to live 200 years in the future (aka 2218)? [46:15]
Is been a awhile since you guys did this, so how would you guys build the “Perfect Fighter” today? Here’s the categories if you guys need some inspiration: Striking, Power, Footwork, Clinch, Takedown, Ground Game, Submission, Cardio, Chin and Heart. [47:03]
F*** Marry Kill “Women of Video games: League Of Legends”: Ahri, Leona, Riven [49:20]

Silicon Valley [50:06]
Amazon to deliver packages inside the trunk of your vehicle [50:60]

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