Bellator 149 Recap | MMANUTS | EP # 280

Bellator 149 Recap [2:14]
Mike Tyson Commentary [3:43]
Kimbo Slice vs Dada 5000 [5:59]
Who’s to blame? [8:09]
Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock [10:50]
Awkward post fight press conference [12:27]
Master Division in MMA [13:19]

Ronda Rousey on Ellen and SI pictures [17:47]
Who’s real or fake, Jon Jones or Ronda Rousey? [24:14]
Wanderlei Silva gets 3 year suspension from the NSAC [27:40]
USADA Random Drug Testing Watch [29:22]
Steroids Poster in Middle School [30:10]
Jason Mayhem Miller Interview [32:56]
BJ Penn allegations [35:32]
Jon Jones Speeding incident [38:58]
Jose Aldo made $5 million for his fight against Conor McGregor [45:02]
What happens if Conor McGregor win the 155lb belt?[46:15]

Can you See Conor doing well against Lawler. In my opinion, if they ever fight Lawler will take Conor’s head back to ATT and put it on display? [48:20]
Are these weird Bellator main events helping or hurting the promotion? [49:06]

After seeing what happen with Dada $5 and Kimbo should ufc just cut CM Punk and avoid the cheap freak show ratings?[49:27]

Who are some of the most popular mma stars the two of you have met/interviewed? Also, if you could chose one mma related person to meet, who would it be? [50:13]

Who are you guys voting for president and why? [53:37]

Create the ultimate Frankenfighter Body+Style Example: Reem body / Cruz moves or Hunt power / DJ moves? [54:51]

Rank the biggest ego Gold Silver Bronze. Kanye, Trump, McGregor [55:55]

Will Khabib ever hold a UFC belt? If yes, who does he win it from? [56:12]

What male UFC fighter is the closet to Cyborg? [56:29]

Who will live the longest? Ken Shamrock, Ronda Rousey, or Jason Mayhem Miller? [56:50]

Would you rather fight dana white or white or Kimbo? [57:48]

Who’s hurting the sport more, Dana White or Kimbo? [58:44]

Would you rather kneel before McGregor as he receives his 3rd belt or wear his Fight Kit for a full year? [59:33]

Would you rather take 6 knees to the face from Chris Camozzi or 1 to the nuts from Royce Gracie? #UndamagedNutsRule [59:50]

Would you rather be BJ Penn or Chuck Liddell? [1:00:16]

Would you rather using your bare hands end the life of an average human baby or 100 cute Puppies? [1:00:53]

Would you rather Have a zombie apocalypse or Have a World War III? [1:01:37]

Would you rather be Caitlyn Jenner’s porn co-star (both need to cum on film) or spend six months in Cook County Jail? [1:02:11]

Tom Clancy’s The Division [1:03:29]

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