Alistair Overeem vs Andrei Arlovski Preview | MMANUTS MMA Podcast | EP # 289

Alistair Overeem vs Andrei Arlovski Preview

Bigfoot Silva vs Stephan Struve [3:39]
Alistair Overeem vs Andrei Arlovski [6:56]
Jon Jones’ corner comments against OSP [14:42]
UFC 200 promotion on Good Morning America [18:43]
What will the UFC 200 buy rate be? [21:44]
Reebok announces new colors for their fight kits [23:50]
Rashad Evans talking about moving down to middleweight [25:28]
Tyson Fury Trash Talking [28:20]
NSAC will require CTE testing for all fighters [30:17]
Jean Claude Van Damme training with Nate Diaz [34:08]
Kevin Costner wants MMA in the Olympics [35:09]
Frank Mir wants to compete in Jiu Jitsu at the Eddie Bravo Invitational [37:44]
USADA Random Drug Testing Watch [40:11]


Do you think Carlos Condit should get his rematch against Lawler? In my (and the majority of ufc fans) point of view Carlos should be the one holding the belt? [40:59]

Is it possible that Jon Jones is not only trying to eye poke his opponents but lobotomize them as well? [42:07]

Do you want to see CM Punk get his ass kicked inside the octagon? [43:08]

Who wins the rematch between DC and Jones? And do you think UFC 200 will sell over 1 Million PPV’s? [43:42]

Is Connor McGregor A Pussy? [44:42]

Team Gang Fights [45:22]

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