2015 MMA Awards Show | MMANUTS | EP # 275

1) Dana White has abs [3:49]
2) UFC fines 3 fighters for Reebok Outfit Policy Violations [5:49]
3) Ronda Rousey to appear on SNL [8:46]
4) Ronda Rousey in SI Swimsuit issue with a body paint swim suit [9:48]
5) Holly Holm vs Miesha Tate and Conor McGregor vs Rafael dos Anjos rumor [12:03]
6) Mark Hunt vs Frank Mir [12:43]
7) NSAC Meeting to decide the fate of Nick Diaz on 1/12/16 [13:16]
8) Gary Goodridge CTE discussion [14:52]
9) Cro Cop passes USADA drug tests but is still suspended from self admission [22:34]
10) Dominick Cruz vs TJ Dillashaw [23:29]

2015 MMA Awards [24:57]
1) Fighter of the Year [26:36]
2) Submission of the Year [27:27]
3) KO Of the Year [20:07]
4) Upset of the Year [31:47]
5) Comeback Fighter of the Year [34:29]
6) Fight of the Year [36:19]
7) Round of the Year [38:05]
8) WTF Moment of the Year [38:42]
9) Quote of the Year [41:40]
10) Virgin on Prom Night [43:42]
11) What will be the biggest story of 2016 [46:19]

1) If you could give any 3 fighters $100K each to help their career/training expenses who would it be? [48:32]
2) Who do you think has a better chance of getting their belt back, Jon Jones or Cain Velasquez? [51:10]
3) Who do you think has a better chance of reclaiming the belt, GSP or Anderson Silva? [51:23]
4) What was the most fun you had watching a fight last year (not necessarily the best fight)? And… what was your favorite podcast? [51:41]
5) What is the biggest mismatch you guys would pay to see, like robbie vs rockhold or some off the wall shit like that? [56:26]
6) This year, which fighter do you guys want to see:
A) break out?
B) win a belt?
C) make a comeback? 
D) get the cocaina knocked out of em? [57:03]
7) Do you think Cruz is one of the most overlooked fighters as an all-time great? Wins over Faber, Mighty-Mouse, and more. [58:22]
8) How much of a chance to you give Tate against Holm? [58:59]
9) I want Matt to imagine this scenario. Matt you are walking into the octagon of UFC with Ingo, Comprido, Mark Hunt and Roufusport to the sound of “AC/DC” “For Those About To Rock”. You are fighting at openweight when all the sudden you see your opponents: Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva. When all the sudden Ingo enters the octagon with a chair and hits Silva in the back knocking him out, but Bisping punches Ingo and knocks him out leaving only Bisping and Matt. Both of you go to the ground but Matt secures top position and ground and pound Bisping to oblivion. Matt wins against his arch rival and becomes the Number 1 contender to Luke Rockhold. What are Matt chances against Rockhold? [59:36]
10) Hey Nuts off the MMA Topic for a second. Have you watched Netflix making a murderer? If so, what are your thoughts? [1:01:40]

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