Yoel Romero DIDN’T Crap His Pants Last Night

One of the biggest moments from last night’s UFC Fight Night 35 was when Yoel Romero looked to have crapped his pants. Look, there is really no other way to say it; Yoel Romero had a large, brown stain on his trunks and Twitter and message boards started to go crazy at the thought of yet another UFC fighter crapping their pants. Let’s go to the GIF from ZProphet.

So, a reporter last night at the post-fight press conference decided to ask Yoel Romero if he indeed shat in his pants, which the answer was either disappointing or relieving, depending on how you view the situation. [source]

“This is a funny question,” said the reporter accurately. “In the third round there was a dark substance on your shorts. There was some funny stuff on Twitter.com during the fight, videos going around. What was that substance? Was it just sweat? What was it exactly?”

The former Olympic wrestler for Cuba answered through a translator.

“It was water, sweat,” replied the fighter.