Xtreme Couture Buying Ad Space on Spike TV During Fox Sports 1 Prelims This Weekend

This is a bit of a weird one, folks.

We all know that Randy Couture is no longer allowed at UFC events, which wouldn’t be such a huge bummer for him if it weren’t for the fact that his son, Ryan Couture, is currently a UFC fighter who will be stepping into the cage yet again at UFC 164. The problem goes further than his father and coach, Randy Couture, not being allowed into the UFC ring. The UFC is also barring the Xtreme Couture logo from appearing on Couture’s trunks or banner, effectively leaving Xtreme Couture out in the cold.

So what is Randy and his longtime manager/lawyer Sam Spira’s brilliant plan to counteract this? Buying ads during Spike TV’s “Ink Master” which will show support for Ryan Couture, who will be fighting in the prelims at that time. Of course, Couture is fighting on the Facebook prelims, not on television. I have to believe that I’m not the only person who is completely at a loss for words when it comes to this.

What, exactly, will buying ad time on a rival network during their programming do to teach the UFC any sort of lesson? Do fans watch “Ink Master” and skip prelims before buying PPVs? Is there a big crossover audience between “Ink Master” and the UFC? Spike TV and Randy Couture have sure taught us all an important lesson in the absurd today, right?