X-Ray of Travis Browne’s Broken Right Hand

Travis Browne’s body apparently imploded on Saturday night against Fabricio Werdum at UFC on Fox 11. According to his coach, Travis Browne broke his hand in the first round with his punch that dropped Werdum. Lundell took to Twitter to post an x-ray of the broken hand to show the world how tough Travis Browne really is. Cool.

That sucks. Breaking a hand is one of the worst things to happen to a striker in the middle of a fight, because your instincts say to keep punching, but every time you land you just end up with a sharp pain reminding you not to. Ricky Lundell wasn’t done yet in telling us about Browne’s injuries, oh no. Apparently a body kick also broke a rib on Browne and he dislocated a few bones in his foot (?!).