WTF is going on with Mayweather/Maidana? Show might be cancelled?

Alright, we have an issue here. Apparently, Maidana had a custom pair of gloves made that the Nevada State Athletic Commission wouldn’t sign off on after the gloves were inspected. The padding, it seemed, were ruled unfit for competition.

So Maidana got a new pair of Everlast MX gloves, which Mayweather also complained about, but the commission cleared. Still, Mayweather’s camp is saying ‘no fight’ as of right now, but it would be shocking if they decided to pass up a payday like this. Before PPV, Mayweather will make damn near $32 million. Maidana a career-high $1.5 million.

With only a few hours until showtime, we’ll see if Maidana cracks and gets a new pair of gloves, or if he’ll stand by the NVSAC, which will put Mayweather in a tough position.

Golden Boy Productions CEO Richard Schaefer released a statement:

“The camps are discussing the gloves,” Schaefer said in his statement. “It is not a commission issue. The camps are still talking about it now, but everything will be worked out. Both guys want to fight. I’m not concerned about this issue.”

We’ll keep you up to date.