Wow, UFC on Gameboy color looked like it was kind of fun around the turn of the century…

Let’s take a moment to reflect on how good we’ve had it in the MMA videogame world for the better part of four years now. With the launch of UFC 2010, developers stepped up the quality of MMA games across the board. UFC 2011 followed with a greater feature set and slick graphics, then the mother of all MMA games came to us with EA MMA. Ah, sweet EA MMA. Sure, EA may have unceremoniously pulled the plug on the online servers, but damn if that isn’t still a fun game to pop in your console of choice. UFC 3 came out last year, and even though THQ is now all but dead, I still think it’s a fun game, even if Dave Walsh thinks it’s crap (it’s not, pick it up, it’s cheap now).

This got me thinking about MMA gaming’s yesteryear, and coincidentally, a Reddit/MMA user posted this fancy video of the Game Boy Color version of the UFC game. Look at Tito Ortiz and Pedro Rizzo battle it out 8-bit style.

You know what? It looks pretty awesome. I want.