World Series of Fighting Doesn’t Want to Be Your Feeder Organization

The rumors about World Series of Fighting and their possible affiliation with the UFC as a feeder organization have been swirling around for the last few months. It was in part fueled by Dana White sliding Ben Askren a World Series of Fighting contract when he told Askren that he didn’t want him in the UFC just yet. We’ve also seen World Series of Fighting come out and say that they’d like to challenge Bellator to a cross-promotional event, which of course was met with silence.

So it shouldn’t come as a shock when WSOF’s Ali Abdelaziz talks with Sherdog about this past weekend’s event and states their intentions clearly; they want to fill the gap left by Strikeforce’s disappearance by offering fun, accessible MMA cards that fans want to see. They aren’t anyone’s feeder organization, they want to be number one. [source]