With Wanderlei Silva Out, Chael Sonnen Stands Opponentless

Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva’s war of the words has been going on for a while now, but not until recently did it look like the fight would actually happen. Then, in an instant, Dana White shot down Wanderlei Silva’s request for PPV points and the fight was off again, which leaves bloodthirsty fans wanting revenge for Shogun Rua’s loss unhappy and Chael Sonnen fans unhappy that their hero will not get to vanquish another fighter past his prime. Basically, everyone is losing from this.

MMAJunkie caught up with Chael Sonnen this weekend and Sonnen confirmed that he has no fights lined up, although he wants a fight bad.

“I know (Antonio Rogerio) ‘Lil Nog’ (Nogueira) is going to fight with ‘Shogun,’ so he’s off the table, and the real side of it, too, is that I just got done,” he said. “I just got out of the ring exactly one week ago, so I started back for practice today. It was my first time breaking a sweat, and from here on, I’m back at it.

“But I don’t have any opponent. I’d really like to be part of the 20th anniversary show. I’m really looking to be part of the St-Pierre (vs.) Hendricks card.”