With the TUF 17 finale around the corner, bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz breaks down Faber/Jorgensen


Who better to break down this weekend’s main event then the guy who has three total matches between the two headliners? No one. That’s why this article, and the opening line exist; to exemplify Dominick Cruz as the perfect human to explain exactly how this fight is going to go down at the TUF 17 finale. He’s lost to Urijah Faber, he’s beaten Urijah Faber, he’s coached TUF against Urijah Faber, and he beat the hell out of Scotty Jorgensen back in the WEC, so let’s listen to what he has to say about the bantamweight match up. He knows what he’s talking about, and yeah — he’s still the bantamweight champ in my eyes.