Will Chope vs. Diego Brandao Off, Chope Fired From the UFC

Something curious happened last night, as Will Chope vs. Diego Brandao from tonight’s upcoming UFC Fight Night Natal was all of a sudden in danger. How? Five year old documents about Will Chope abusing his wife surfaced the day before the fight, made public by Jeremy Botter of BleacherReport last night [link]. The report details how Will Chope assaulted his wife several times, which if we are honest here, is pretty awful.

Of course, the UFC immediately followed up on this by cancelling the fight between Will Chope and Diego Brandao, then fired Chope over the five year old offense. What is curious about this is that it was from five years ago and the matter has long-since been settled. The document was also “leaked” the night before Chope was supposed to fight, which points to someone having a vendetta against him. Domestic abuse is absolutely something to take seriously and it’s safe to say that Chope made a lot of mistakes, but how did the UFC not know about this before hiring him? Where is their vetting process? [source]