Will Chope Talks About Finding Out That He Was Out of the UFC

The whole Will Chope thing that is going on with the UFC is kind of rough right now. Domestic violence is truly awful, but at least on the surface, it does seem that Will Chope has grown up a lot in the last five years. According to Chope things are actually going pretty well with his ex-wife and they even plan on taking their daughter to Disney World together. I don’t know, man, this whole thing is pretty nuts.

This video posted by MMAFighting shows a repentant Will Chope who didn’t even have the courtesy of finding out about all of this from anyone in the UFC. The whole thing unraveled for him via Twitter, with Jon Anik being the guy who told him he was out in person, because no one else was around to talk to him. If anything this should be a lesson to everyone; things you do while younger will haunt you the rest of your life. [source]