What’s This? Video of Fedor Training MMA in 2014

You know, I’m kind of an old fan of MMA at this point, which means that a lot of the times my viewpoints aren’t going to line up with a lot of others. When I started watching Japan was king while the UFC was this mess of a joke in comparison, but it was all still so new and fresh that it didn’t matter. Along came a Russian in RINGS named Fedor Emelianenko and little did we know that he would become the king of MMA. Watching Fedor Emelinaneko’s ascent to the throne of MMA was a thing of beauty, as Fedor was just about unstoppable.

Sure, the man had a few gimme fights here and there, but it was Japan and that is what the Japanese wanted to see. The Japanese wanted to see their heroes rip through the unworthy once in a while, they wanted to make a sacrifice at his altar once in a while. I feel like a lot of modern fans don’t understand that. Anyway, this video popped up yesterday on YouTube and yes, it is Fedor training MMA in 2014. I don’t even know what to make of it. [source]