What if Anthony Johnson is the guy to beat Jon Jones?

You saw him shatter former UFC heavyweight champion, Andrei Arvloski’s jaw on Saturday at roughly 230 pounds, and he’s yet to be defeated at light heavyweight (a weight class he should’ve probably been at for years) so I ask you this, MMA world: What if Anthony Johnson is the guy to beat Jon Jones? I know I may be getting ahead of myself saying Anthony Johnson may be the guy to dethrone the greatest light heavyweight who ever lived on a road made of Jake Rosholt, David Branch, DJ Linderman and most recently, Andrei Arvloski’s bones, (don’t forget Esteves Jones’ bones!) but, in a shallow light heavyweight talent pool, it might just be worth writing a few hundred words about.


Let’s take a look at this hypothetical tale of the tape:

Reach advantage: Jones 84.5 inches to Johnson’s 78 inches. OK, Jones has a reach advantage on God. What can you do?

Height: Jone jones is 6 foot 4, Johnson is 6 foot 2.

Weight: Jones has made it known that he walks around at roughly 230, and cuts from 215-220ish to hit 205, and Anthony Johnson has been starting his camps from 230 to hit 170 and even his “other” weights from around 230ish for yeas. At World Series of Fighting 2, Johnson weighed in at 231 pounds and pretty much dominated Andrei Arvloski, a training partner of Jon Jones at Jackson’s MMA and of similar size to the champ.

Skills: Jon Jones is incredible, but aside from a questionable gas tank, Anthony Johnson has a diverse enough set of skills to possibly catch Jon Jones on the feet. He may be the most powerful of Jon’s opponents ever, and would possibly be able to take Bones down to the mat.

Camps: Greg Jackson is a GOAT trainer, and the Blackzilians have had a lopsided amount of losses compared to their star-studded camp’s usual W/L record, but Anthony Johnson is still a fundamentally sound fighter with knockout power that’s only getting bolstered under the tutelage of Alistair Overeem, Tyrone Spong and Rashad Evans. Both men would come into the fight prepared for anything.

Intangibles: Jon Jones is the best ever. Johnson may have more power than him standing up.

Bottom line: Dana White should sign up Rumble ASAP because Jones is running out of opponents after Dan Henderson retires, and he potentially mows through Gustaffson, Mousasi, and anyone else he’s already beaten.