Weidman’s coach believes he Anderson has nothing for Weidman

I’ve now rewatched Weidman vs. Anderson about five times here, and I just don’t get the confidence coming from Team Weidman. Chris really didn’t look like a world beater against Anderson, and in fact, I feel like he was on a quick run to getting humiliated before he landed a hard punch on an Anderson that was goofing off.

It’s not like Weidman was losing, but he wasn’t dominating either. On The MMA Hour, Weidman’s coach believes he’ll ‘dominate’ again…

“I think he’ll probably start off a little differently and then he’ll revert back to what he always does. I think it’s woven into the fabric of who Anderson Silva is. That’s what he does. Watch his fights. There isn’t one fight where he didn’t mug a guy or try to goof around.

“The Octagon doesn’t lie, man, that’s one thing. I think it parallels life. It’ll show you who you are and I think that’s who he is. I think that’s going to be hard for him to change.”

“I think we’re looking at a submission this time. Let’s diversify!” “I think there’s a good chance, yeah. [Weidman] looks point-on with everything. Whatever he feels like doing, I think he can take this fight wherever he wants to. We know we’re going to play to our strengths like we normally would and I think we’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

“[Weidman]’s walking forward in this fight,” Longo says, “and he’s going to get what he wants.”