Watch Wanderlei Explain His April Fool’s Day Joke Away

So yeah, April Fool’s Day is a thing that happens but once a year in which people decide to flex their wit muscle and come up with some ridiculous joke or stunt to play on their friends or anyone who will listen. In the case of Wanderlei Silva, a lot of people listen to him and care about what he says, apparently. It just so happens that on April 1st there was a whole storm brewing over UFC headquarters as the main event for UFC on Fuel 9 between Alexander Gustafsson and Gegard Mousasi was falling apart right before their eyes.

Gustafsson had suffered a cut and reports were that he was out. This was what Wanderlei saw as the perfect opportunity for himself to play a joke and he began tweeting that he was stepping in for Gustafsson on short notice. Apparently his phone started ringing and he decided to continue on with the joke, because, well, who didn’t know that it was April Fool’s Day?

Watch this video that he released explaining the prank and realize that watching Wanderlei Silva talk and be happy is probably one of the best things that you’ll do all day.