Watch Vitor Belfort Get All Fired Up at Luke Rockhold at the UFC on FX 8 Weigh-Ins

I wanted to mention Vitor Belfort’s Mullethawk in the title, but I just wasn’t sure that it would draw people in. I feel like you have to see Vitor Belfort’s Mullethawk in action to really understand why it is marvelous, if not one of the best hairstyles going in the UFC today. We all know that there are some shenanigans that go down at UFC weigh-ins; people get shoved, get in each other’s faces and sometimes there is a pull apart.

What if all of the above happen while involving Vitor Belfort in what many can only explain as a TRT-infused rage because he and Luke Rockhold shoved each other? Vitor Belfort is really pumped up and ready to fight tomorrow, but he is also a man of Christ and a a man of the people, as he salutes the crowd. Go ahead and check out this GIF and enjoy.