Watch Tyrone Spong’s Crazy Come From Behind Knockout of Michael Duut

Tyrone Spong isn’t Superman in Kickboxing like a lot of MMA fans might think, but with that being said, he is one of the top Heavyweights in the world, and last night he dropped to Light Heavyweight to take on a field of the world’s best Light Heavyweights and walked away as the Champion. His first test was Dutch Heavyweight Michael Duut, Duut is a younger guy who is known for joking around a bit, but has taken his career a bit more seriously of late.

Duut was looking to make a name for himself against Tyrone Spong in the opening round of the tournament and came out with heavy hands. Spong, the early favorite throughout the tournament, might have been a bit too confident in his chances as he got caught very early in the first round, being dropped, only to spring right back up, measure Duut and then level him with one huge punch that put an end to the fight.

It was really something to behold.