Watch This Promo For Tonight’s Spike TV Frank Shamrock Special

I have to admit, it does seem a bit strange that Spike TV is focusing so much on Frank Shamrock when their main MMA product is Bellator, which Frank Shamrock doesn’t fight for (he’s retired), and they are launching GLORY kickboxing programming this weekend, but hey, whatever, right? There was a time when one of the most interesting fights to be made was Frank Shamrock against his adopted brother, Ken Shamrock. It was going to be a battle of the MMA pioneers, it was going to be called BLOOD BROTHERS. It was going to be kind of awesome, as Frank Shamrock was a master at selling fights back then.

In Spike TV’s new show, airing tonight, called “Frank Shamrock: Bound By Blood,” they are going to look at Frank’s career from Japan to early UFC events and then have a face-to-face between Frank and Ken, who haven’t spoken in a long time.