Watch Rose Namajunas’s Awesome Flying Armbar From Invicta FC 5

Invicta FC is sort of a case study in how to properly begin a niche fight promotion and build it up to being something special in almost no time at all. Invicta FC 5 is in the books now, featuring some really great action and probably one of the best fights of the year on top of the card, but one of the moments that really stole the show was Rose Namajunas busting out a Rumina Sato-style flying armbar on Kathina Catron earlier on in the night.

It was a thing of beauty, as Catron had her in a clinch and Namajunas waited patiently for the right moment to pull down on the arm and bring her leg over to secure the armbar. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the animated GIF from everyone’s favorite GIF-maker, Zombie Prophet.

Invicta FC 5

Rose Namajunas Flying Armbar