Watch: Cody Gibson in Bar Brawl Days After UFC 178 Loss

So, just days after his UFC 178 loss to Mavel Gamburyan, UFC Bantamweight Cody Gibson got into a bar brawl with a guy about twice his size.

In the video we see the guy push Gibson, which Gibson doesn’t react physically, but does say “Google me, b*tch.” This then leads to Gibson being punched in the face, which staggers him slightly. From there, Gibson does the smarter thing, and instead of taking the guy’s head off, merely shoots a double leg and takes him down.

Gibson recently spoke to FOX Sports about the incident:

“I’m glad everything went down the way it did. I didn’t throw any punches, I just kind of defended myself. The video kind of makes me look like I was instigating it more than it probably was. I didn’t start instigating anything until he pushed me. By that time, I was pretty much down to scrap at that point. I’m embarrassed by the whole thing. I wish I would have responded better and just got out of there.

I don’t know why he had a problem with me. We were out on the porch of this place and they had all these oversized games out there like chess and other games you could play. I don’t remember exactly why he had a problem with me, he just started to talk, you know how it is at a bar. I just wish I recognized right away that this guy was looking for trouble and just walked away. I had been drinking, too, so I wasn’t thinking clearly, but I definitely was not looking for a fight. Even when he hit me, I was like, ‘Let’s just take this guy down and maybe I’ll submit him.'”

“You see things happen to MMA fighters all the time, and you’re always scratching your head like, ‘How do they find themselves in this predicament?’ When I first heard of the TMZ report … I got that sick feeling in my stomach like, ‘Am I going to get cut from the UFC?'” My manager doesn’t seem to think so; they’re pretty confident in that. I’m hoping they’re right, but I’m not 100 percent sure yet.”


Take a look at the TMZ acquired video of the bar brawl: