Bas Rutten Interviews Bruce Lee’s Daughter

If we were to poll MMA fans as to who one of the most influential figures in Martial Arts is, the name Bruce Lee would undoubtedly come up. Hell, it wouldn’t just come up, it would completely dominate that list, if there even was a list. It’d probably just be Bruce Lee’s name on that list, let’s not even bother joking around about it. That isn’t to say that other men and women weren’t influential, they just weren’t Bruce Lee.

Bas Rutten is one of the pioneers of MMA, a former King of Pancrase and UFC Heavyweight Champion, so it is safe to say that when it comes to MMA, he’s pretty high up there for knowing his stuff. So imagine him sitting down with Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, and imagine him geeking out. That is exactly what this Inside MMA interview is like.