Watch as John Wayne Parr Holds Pads for Georges St. Pierre

I come from a Kickboxing background, I think that just about everyone that knows me knows that. What I find interesting is that a lot of these guys that have been known to be some of the best stand up fighters in the world have been bleeding over into the MMA world over the last few years thanks to an increased visibility. It’s no offense to some of the trainers here in the US, but how many of them really made a huge impact on the world as Kickboxers or Muay Thai fighters? We’ve seen guys like Tyrone Spong, Daniel Ghita, Jerome Le Banner and now, most recently, John Wayne Parr, helping UFC fighters prepare for their upcoming fights.

If you don’t know John Wayne Parr, I urge you to look him up. JWP is a Muay Thai fighter from Australia who has been fighting all over the world in Muay Thai and even in K-1 MAX. He’s the absolute real deal and even promotes a strange MMA/Muay Thai hybrid in Australia called “Caged Muay Thai.” It’s Muay Thai rules inside of a MMA cage using MMA gloves and it is pretty brutal.

JWP was selected by GSP’s camp to help him prepare for Johny Hendricks, which means that he has what is widely regarded as one of the best helping him to sharpen his game. Not bad, right? Watch them work the pads together and see why people are stoked for JWP working with GSP.