War Machine: Christy Mack Lied to Protect Her Image

Former UFC and Bellator Welterweight Jon Koppenhaver a.k.a “War Machine” was recently arrested on 32 charges due to brutally attacking his ex-girlfriend, pornstar Christy Mack and friend Corey Thomas. Following the attack, War Machine was on the run from police for nearly a week. He now faces a life sentence if convicted of these charges.

Despite the initial police report, War Machine continues to stick to his guns, and claims that Mack is lying to protect the “image” of herself and that of Thomas according to a letter War Machine wrote from jail, which was obtained by TMZ.
“I can’t even believe this s–t; the way she is lying is crazy bro! I mean just like 2 days earlier she’s telling me to hurry up and get her a ring and s–t, how do you go from that to flat out lies to protect some other dude and her ‘image’? … I dunno if they heard me come into the house or what but dude straight ambushed me as soon as I entered the bedroom. I can’t get into all the details but that s–t was self-defense 100%!!”
War Machine will make his next appearance in court on October 17th for his preliminary hearing.