Wanderlei Wants PPV Points to Fight Sonnen, Dana Doesn’t Seem Pleased

Saying that Dana White isn’t pleased seems like saying that grass is green and the sky is blue; we all know it to be true and it doesn’t really need to be stated, yet we all state it all of the time. Anyway, Dana White wants to put together Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei Silva, but apparently, Wandy isn’t too pleased about that fight unless it’s on PPV and he’s getting PPV points as a part of his paycheck.

For those that are unaware, PPV points are a percentage of the PPV cut above a certain number of sales. Some fighters get a cut of the PPV buys when the PPV sells at least 300,000 or so, and apparently Wanderlei Silva isn’t one of those guys — but he wants to be! Dana White, though, seems to think otherwise. Here is a text message from Dana that Helwani posted online.

“[Silva] said he won’t fight him unless he gets PPV [points] so I guess he’s gonna retire,” White wrote via text message.

When asked what he plans on doing with Sonnen next, White wrote, “we will figure it out.”